Sunday, December 25, 2011

Broken People, Perfect Gift

Of all my family's traditional Christmas decorations we had growing up, these always seemed to fascinate me the most. Mary, Joseph, a shepherd,  three wise-men, and a radiant baby Jesus---yes, the Nativity Scene definitely captivated my young heart's attention. Apparently I wasn't alone for my siblings also loved to play with the figurines and rearrange the scene time and time again. I'm not completely sure why my parents let us children play with the breakable ceramic people & animals while our imaginations explored the story, but they  were quick to let us. 

And being clumsy children, we dropped the figurines. 
We accidentally broke Joseph in half, and decapitated a shepherd.
And Daddy glued them back together.
And we broke them again. 
And Daddy fixed them again. 
And again. 
And again. 

There was no anger, no "You can't play with these again." 
Only my parent's forgiveness for us and my father's repair and healing for our Nativity friends.

Over time the cracks and dark glued seams showed more and more. 
And to this day, it is very broken ceramic people that tell the most amazing story in our home.  

I'll admit. Sometimes it bothers me. I want the story to be perfect. I want perfect people to tell the story of our perfect Savior in a perfect way. But my Nativity scene full of imperfect people, and so is my world. 

But thankfully, God doesn't call perfect people to tell of the greatest Gift ever given. He calls all of us to tell it. Us, the broken, the hurting, the confused, the sinners. He glues our broken pieces back together. He gives us the Gift of His Son, the greatest gift ever given, and calls us stand before the world to tell the perfect story of the Lamb of God through our imperfect lives. To show His perfect love through our often very imperfect hearts, that we might accept His forgiveness and day by day strive to be more like Him. 

How can this be? You might ask. How can you tell the story?
Well, you see there's a special person who's never been shattered. He's never failed.  
It's Jesus. He was, and He is, and He is to come. 

And so the story can be told through imperfect people, because of the unchanging perfect Lamb of God.
And if we can point our world to Him, they will never be disappointed.

Broken People. 
Perfect Gift. 
Beautiful Christmas.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Special Place

"Not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly mansions than is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for God." --COL, pg 327

I ponder it. There's so much purpose in a life lived for God. And I ask God, "Where's my special place?" and the answer comes, "Look around, my child. Wake up to the needs surrounding you! Have you been blind these past 4 months?"

Have you ever overlooked your special place?

I know I have. In Thailand, the needs were easy to spot. But on the home front, it took me a little longer. But with God's help, I slowly began to see the many mission fields here. And what mission fields they are!

I'll never give up my dream of returning to Asia. It's a dream that God has given me. But I also won't be such a fool as to ignore the pressing mission fields here, while I continue my education. God's special place for me right now---just happens to be right where I am. Special place, here I am. =)